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Tailored Lie Detection Courses for Businesses

Regardless of what line of business people may be working in, everyone is exposed to lying and miscommunication on a daily basis. While it is true that we encounter lies in all spheres of our lives, when it pertains to a business, it typically translates to operational inefficiencies and employee insecurity. Every business executive will be expected to manage a team of colleagues and ensure that they are working in harmony and performing up to the company standards. Executives are expected to be masters at conflict resolution so that employee morale remains at its highest, along with productivity.

On many occasions, business executives will need to develop the necessary man management skills to understand when an employee is troubled, or holding out on information. Lie detection can be a valuable asset in a business environment. The ability to gauge a person’s speech and body language to determine whether he/she is telling the truth can ensure that deception in the workplace becomes a thing of the past. Moreover, it also helps create a business environment that encourages transparency and honesty.

Business executives will also need to set examples to their colleagues, especially with regard to sales. They must not only have the requisite sales skills, but they must also be able to communicate this effectively to their colleagues.

Let’s-Live Coaching

Let’s-Live Coaching offers a range of lie detection courses designed specifically for business executives. These courses will give individuals a fascinating new approach to communication and relationship management. Over the course of the program, individuals will be educated in the science of deception, language precision, and body language.

Lie Detection

In the first component of the course, individuals will be trained in the art of lie detection. By looking out for particular changes in speech and changes in body language, they will learn to gauge valuable information that may indicate whether a subject is lying or not. Moreover, students will also learn techniques by which lies can be counteracted to achieve a particular purpose. Course participants will also learn linguistic techniques that enable them to tailor their language to a particular subject in order to extract the truth from them. The course will provide a firm foundation in lie detection, and the use of linguistics in discovering what people may really be thinking or feeling.


Over the duration of the course, individuals will be guided through the various techniques used by professionals in lie detection. These will include techniques like non-verbal communication, facial action coding system, neuro-linguistic programming eye patterns and language precision, and micro-expressions. Individuals will learn to use these techniques collectively to ‘read’ other individuals’ minds and inconsistencies.

By the end of the course, individuals will have learnt important techniques by which they can engineer the truth out of others. They will learn the value of using mind games in interpersonal relations to discover true intent, and to disguise their own intent. Moreover, they will also learn a number of methods by which they can encourage a subject to disclose the truth, despite any initial reluctance. Finally, students will learn the importance of micro-expression coding in revealing clues as to a subject’s true motivations and reasons, and gain a strong foundational platform for future learnings. Students who successfully complete the lie detection course will be capable of performing effective psychological profiles of individuals upon assessment.

Courses can span anywhere from 1 to 5 days and are conducted by professionals with extensive experience in relevant fields. The lie detection courses for businesses have been designed based on the works of a number of reputed figures including Dr. Paul Ekman, Dr. Richard Bandler, and Dr. Julie Schwartz.

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